I was wondering this myself, so I interviewed 100 of them. The results were confirming and, at times, a bit depressing. What a cool bunch of women they are – from academic researchers to AI auto designers to engineers of all types. I asked them all of the questions that I thought we’d like to know:

  • Why did they choose a career in STEM?
  • How do they handle having children?
  • Have they experienced gender bias and if so what story could they share to help us understand?
  • Are they heard in meetings? Are they confident? Are they lonely? Do they get respect?
  • What advice do you have for women entering your field?

And I asked much more.

Here is a snippet of the web meeting where I shared the complete results with the women who participated: Interviews with 100 Women in STEM

If your group or company would like to hear the complete results, let me know and we can work out the details.

Joanne Vitali is a professional certified coach and workshop leader who specializes working with women with technical or multiple degrees – Geek Girls. Contact her to speak at your upcoming women’s event (100 Women in STEM and Lead Like a Goddess are her signature topics) or for a complimentary exploratory session.