If you want to truly come into your power and feel that power in your bones, it’s time to try coaching.

Coaching is a profound personal relationship that involves having life changing conversations in pursuit of your unique results.

For years I was in the training field and I got into coaching because I saw that training just didn’t stick. People would go to a class only to come back to the office and not be able to implement what they learned. The environment back at work did not support their new learning AND they had no ongoing support in the moment to help them use what they learned.I’ll bet you can relate! Coaching gives you both.

Coaching is all about playing and experimenting with skills, tools and mindsets.  A coach helps you embrace your brilliance, gain perspective, and come up with new approaches.

First step: Contact me for a free collaborative interview. We will get to know each other and take you one step at a time in the direction of your unique pursuit.

If not now, when?

How It Works:  Sessions are scheduled at your convenience for 45- 60 mins., live or over the phone or web, every week to two weeks – whatever we decide works best for you.

The Coaching Process


Own Your Brilliance

This is where we begin. There’s nothing more important than this step.  We know from research on Emotional Intelligence that self-awareness is key for effective leadership. 

To help you with crystal clear self awareness, we will discuss your personal results from handpicked assignments proven to help you get very clear.  From inventories assessing your situation to essay style questions, we will name your unique brilliance.

Your work will include Joanne’s signature Passion Workbook, a compilation of the most impactful self inquiry activties in existence. 

If you are in a corporate position, a 360 assessment is suggested.  If you are a leader, this is a must have.  



Define What’s Possible

Once you own your unique gifts, we will imagine your ‘possibilities.’  This is a fun step that will involve your imagination.  What would be possible if you unleashed your brilliance?

We will look at where you are today against where you would like to be – your performance/possibility gap.  From it, we will develop metrics and your vision of success.  

Your vision and metrics will be defined for your personal growth, as well as for your team, if applicable. 

Claim Your Courage

As you begin to take action, you will come face-to-face with your fears and limiting beliefs. As these arise, we will handle them.  We will determine what holds you back.

This can be where most people get stuck when trying to do this work on their own.  A coach is instrumental here. 

Several very effective tools will be used to help you with this process including:

  • Beliefs Work
  • Emotional Freedom and Inner Freedom Techniques
  • Urgency Assessment


Design Your World

Your environment defines who you are.  Many times we are living in an environment that reflects who we used to be, not who we are moving to become. 

We will be looking for gaps in your support structure (your environments) and refining your life as a whole. A unique coaching model will be used that considers your nine key environments.