Signature Speaking Topics

Outsmart Gender Bias

Gender bias is alive and well in the workplace today.  In recent interviews that Joanne personally conducted, one hundred women working in STEM fields across the United States told their personal stories and confirmed previous gender bias studies. Instead of ignoring gender bias or wishing it away, we need to be able to recognize and interrupt the four most prevalent patterns and learn ways to deal with them.  From extensive research over the last 35 years, the patterns are clear.  By being aware of them, women can be more successful in Corporate America and create the critical mass needed of women in leadership to effectively change corporate cultures.


What We Need to Know: Interviews with 100 Women in STEM

One hundred managers, individual contributors and entrpreneurs in STEM roles shared their stories with Joanne about what life is like for them at work.  Hear and discuss in this interactive session the results of this research from women across the United States.  Representative companies that were involved include:  Google, Intel, Facebook, Amazon, Microfosft, NASA, as well as smaller players.  Learn how gender bias showed up for these women. Also, learn why women leave STEM positions and what can be done to stop the exodus.  We will discuss the importance of the findings and what we need to be aware of as diversity/inclusion leaders, STEM women, managers, and simply human beings.

Lead Like A Goddess

With change, uncertainty and a distrust of the old guard, we are looking for new solutions to help us to move forward.  Learn how a worldwide survey of 30,000 people revealed that feminine leadership skills are what is needed today.  It’s time to reevaluate how we define leadership and what we expect of leaders. In this session, learn how embracing traditionally undervalued skills can help save the planet. Discover why we all need to Lead Like A Goddess.



5 Things Amazing Women Do

It’s time for you to unleash your amazing self. Learn five things you can do to show the world the dazzling, extraordinary, amazing YOU. You’ll see how amazing women speak, unearth who you are, ask for what you want and what you need to have in place to make this happen.




Praise from Participants

“Joanne’s high energy/enthusiasm kept the participants interested. The exercises were directly related to their jobs…critically important for scientific professionals.” Dr. Glenda Lewis

Sr. Product Development Scientist, AstraZeneca

Joanne is one of very best presenters that I have worked with. Her presentation Interviews with 100 Women in STEM inspired participants to move and take action, build confidence and pass this on to others. As someone who is coming from same field (STEM) as her audience, Joanne has walked down the same path and found her way to rise above the glass ceiling, she uses her experience and strength to educate and help others. 

It is my pleasure to give Joanne Vitali my highest recommendation as a speaker. She will deliver valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and entertaining manner. 

Vicky Drury

Program Manager, IEEE Women in Engineering Philadelphia

The interaction and group discussion was fun as well as eye opening. Thanks again! Janice Connell

Program Manager, AIHA Delaware

“Both the CEO and the CFO mentioned what a great job you did. I agree. I believe the sessions/process/program worked extremely well. Thanks for your great work.” Debbie Mikulak

VP Human Resources, BigChalk