Leadership Coaching

To be most successful as a leader, you must have a solid understanding of yourself and a supportive environment.  A coach provides both.  There’s nothing like having a knowledgeable partner only interested in your success…that’s what a coach is.

Coaching is also one of the most effective tools for developing your leadership skills.  Why is this?

Because coaching, unlike training or even mentoring, helps you:

  • Acquire/practice over an extended time the skills needed to be most effective and confident
  • Get an ‘ in your bones’ knowledge of both your strengths and areas for development through deep, heart-based conversation

Having an objective third party with whom to share ideas, discuss concerns and set goals is invaluable.  There is nothing like it!

Coaching can be done in groups or one-on-one, over the phone or live.

Here are common reasons people have used Joanne’s leadership coaching services:

  • Ensure success of new or transferred managers – onboarding
  • Strategize and practice having crucial staff performance conversations
  • Reduce stress and increase the ability to deal with the rapidly changing business environment
  • Specifically develop the leadership skills of technical people