World Design Coaching

The 9 Environments of YOU – originally created by Thomas Leonard – is a powerful way to see and design the world around you.   Now, you will design the world around you so that you become who you desire to be AND evolve in unexpected often delightful ways!

In this program you will partner with Joanne – designing every aspect of your world for sustainable success .  You will explore the nuances of each of the 9 environments.

  1. Memetic Environment – Ideas
  2. Financial Environment – Money, Wealth and Budget
  3. Relationship Environment – Close friends, family and close colleagues
  4. Network Environment – Professional Connections, Greater Community
  5. Physical Environment – Places and Things
  6. Body Environment – Your Energy, Appearance and Clothing
  7. Self Environment – Strengths, Talents and Character
  8. Spiritual Environment – Deep Connections , Sacred Spaces & Natural Places
  9. Technology Environment – Electronic devices and Virtual Spaces

We will:

  • Design Your Sustainable Success Academy
  • Create Power Patterns for who you will become
  • Evaluate your 9 environments
  • Name your present patterns
  • Identify your tolerations & zap them
  • Conduct experiments
  • Enter new territories

How it will work

You’ll see fast results with 12 total, 30-minute coaching calls, one per week over the 12 weeks.