Career Coaching Process

Many people are unfamiliar with coaching and unsure about how it works. To help you understand what to expect, I’ve mapped out what is typically covered when you decide to participate in coaching around your career.

Step 1: Get to Know You Really Well

This is where we start. In your first 3 – 4 sessions, we will discuss your personal results for the following assignments:

  1. Intake Form – This is where you get clear about your goals for coaching.
  2. Clean Sweep Life Assessment – A 100 point checklist to clean up virtually every aspect of your life
  3. Wheel of Life – An overall report card on how you feel your life is going
  4. Needs and Values Assessments – Uncovers who you are and what you need to be happy and be true to your values
  5. Passion Workbook – 16 pages of the best introspective questions available. Along with input from friends and colleagues, this Workbook is invaluable.
  6. Optional Assessment: – A detailed career assessment, called MAPP, is available to you as a program participant at a 50% discount. MAPP uncovers what motivates you at work and links your profile to over 900 jobs in the Dept. of Labor database.

Step 2: Define Success

Once you have a good idea of who you are and what you are truly about, we use the next 1 -2 sessions to really pin down your vision of success and start picking out career options. By the end of your second month of coaching, depending on the effort you put forth, you will have a good idea of what you need to be happy in your work and where to find it.

  • The Success Worksheet
  • The Ideal Day Exercise
  • Resume Review – With our new knowledge, we partner to redesign your resume.
  • Wheel of Life – We refer back to your previous work and build on it defining clear success metrics.

Step 3: Determine Your Limiting Beliefs

As you begin to take action, you will come face-to-face with your fears and limiting beliefs. As these arise, we will handle them. Month 2 – 3 is typically involved with this work. The following tools will help.

  • Beliefs Worksheet
  • Understanding and Removing Conflicting Intentions
  • Urgency Index – To determine how much adrenaline you need

Step 4: Clear the Decks and Action Planning

All along the way, we will be looking for gaps in your necessary support structure and cleaning up your life as a whole.

  • Clean Sweep – We will refer back to this exercise to check your progress.
  • Tolerations Work – Inventory, then eliminate the tolerations in your life.

How It Works

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience for 45- 60 mins. over the phone, every week for 2- 3 weeks (depending on the program you choose), with one week off at end of each month. One-on-one sessions: Joanne is your personal coach. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and customized to your needs.

Money Back Guarantee

I know that it can be difficult to commit to coaching when you have not experienced it. To remove the risk for you, I offer a first month money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, I will refund your first month’s investment.