Coaching is a profound personal relationship that involves having life changing conversations in pursuit of your personal results.

For years I was in the training field and I got into coaching because I saw how miserable the results were from training.  People would go off to a class only to come back to the office and not be able to implement what they learned.  I’ll bet you can relate!  The environment back at work did not support their new learning AND they had no ongoing support in the moment to help them use what they learned.  Coaching gives you both.

You’ve probably been to a bunch of classes, right?  You may even feel that it’s your fault that you aren’t able to have crucial conversations with ease, or speak up more or feel less stress.  If you want to truly come into your power and feel that power in your bones, it’s time to try coaching instead.

Coaching is all about playing and experimenting with skills, tools and mindsets.  A coach helps you gain perspective, make sense of feedback and come up with new approaches.

I’ve been where you are at work and come out the other side. It’s very bright, cheery and sunny over here! I’d love you to join me.

First step: Contact me for a free collaborative interview. We will get to know each other and take you one step at a time in the direction of being even more awesome at what you do.

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If not now, when?