Courage – We all need some

life-shrinks-or-expands-in-proporion-to-ones-courageI’ve realized lately how important courage is.  Without it, we sit around, supposedly happy in our comfort zone.  Only it’s not so comfortable, is it?  We wonder why we feel unfulfilled.  Our jealousy is easily aroused when we see other people doing what we want or having what we don’t have.  We feel increasingly bored, irritated, frustrated.

In a nutshell, life sucks.  Yes, I said sucks.  Courageous of me, huh?

Being able to take action toward something that is important to us, even though we are scared out of our minds is what makes life fun.  It’s what brings excitement, the risk, the thrill, the possibility of a new achievement.  Woo Hoo.  The past physics major in me screams for an equation:  FUN = FEAR.

Well, maybe not completely equal, but we must realize the pluses of fear,  that we need to experience fear for us to feel alive.  I can’t tell you how tiresome I find people who refuse to take a chance, play it safe, never leap.  It’s a waste of life.

That’s why I  coach.  My thrills come from always doing the new thing and helping my clients do their new thing.  As a coach, I help people play a bigger game, a more fun game, a more exciting game.  I am the provider of courage.

What game are you playing?  Is it big enough?  If you’re not at least a  little scared, the answer is  No.  We need to talk.  Don’t let your life shrink.