A Snapshot of Joanne


Professional Certified Coach(PCC), Designer/Facilitator of Workshops and Productive Meetings

Leadership/Career/Group Coaching, Meeting and Workshop Design, Group Facilitation, Communication Skills, Presentation/Persuasion Skills, Strategic/Tactical Planning, Coach/Mentor Training

Positions Held

Lecturer: Wharton, Sr. Strategic Planner, Principal Consultant, Training Manager, Sr. Quality Consultant: Siemens Medical, Astronaut Trainer: NASA, Nuclear Engineer: PECO


BS Physics…………………………………………………………………….Georgetown University

MBA – concentration in Organizational Development…….University of Houston Clear Lake

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ………………………………..International Coach Federation

Certified Career Coach…………………………………………………..Comprehensive Coaching University

Other relevant coursework: Conversational Intelligence Coach, Hogan Leadership Suite, Persuasion, Facilitation Skills, Process Improvement, Group Process, Advanced Listening Skills, Creativity

Q&A to help you get to know Joanne

How did you get to be a Coach?

My passion is to see people accomplish more than they thought they were capable of and to have lives, and especially careers, that they believed were not possible.  It is a great privilege and honor to witness dreams come true. Here’s how I got into coaching.

I left my corporate job in 2000 to start my business. With 3 small children, my position no longer worked for me. I happened to go to a night school class that was given by a coach.  She opened my eyes to what could be possible. I began attending coaching events and taking classes. One thing led to another from there.

Starting my own business has been an amazing learning experience and allows me use all of the resources, talents, and abilities I have honed over the years. Most importantly, it allows me to live my purpose, which is to help others be inspired by their careers and to support women to attain and thrive in leadership positions.

Have you always loved your work? 

No.  I was miserable in my first job, which was a nuclear engineer. Even though I was paid a great salary, it did not make up for the daily tedium. My BS was in Physics from Georgetown.  The engineer position seemed like a good fit and was considered to be a ‘good job.’  I learned that money isn’t everything very early on. I hightailed it out of there and become an astronaut trainer for the Space Shuttle program. Yes, at NASA. Definitely a step up. This position allowed me to make use of my technical know-how, while adding a people component. It was a first step toward my dream job and a lesson in not settling.  While at NASA, I pursued a MBA, graduating summa cum laude and specializing in organizational development.

After NASA, I worked 15 years in management, business planning and corporate training.  I have worked with senior management to develop strategic plans and have designed/facilitated many courses and meetings. This work has given me a wealth of tools to help my clients manage their careers and an insider’s understanding of corporate politics.

What types of clients do you work with? 

I work with people who want and expect a lot out of their careers, specializing in what I call Geek Girls, women with technical backgrounds or multiple degrees. They may be starting a new role, feeling frustrated or looking for the next fun adventure. I provide concrete tools and a fresh perspective, allowing my clients to thrive at work. 

How are you different from other coaches?

I’ve been where my clients are.  

I have worked primarily in male dominated environments being the lone female.  I have felt the insistent calling of my soul telling me that there was something more for me career-wise.  I have felt the pressure from family who wanted me to stay in my ‘good’ job, even though the culture was not supportive and work unfilling. I understand and know how to deal with fear and politics.

I’m not using a system that I picked up from someone else.  I have designed the processes and tools and have used them myself and tested them with hundreds of my coaching clients.  Click here to read some client testimonials.  A selection of corporate clients include: J&J, Siemens, Astra Zeneca, IRS, Penn State, Novartis and KPMG.

I am also here to tell you that it can be done.  You can have work that you love and thrive.