Do you feel like a leader?  What if you could make a big difference doing your job?  Use your strengths.  Break your inner glass ceiling.

Maybe you are in a challenging leadership role and feel stressed by the endless difficult conversations you seem to need to have every day.   Maybe you’re feeling isolated and alone – surrounded by men? – surrounded by unsupportive women?  Maybe you wish you could be better heard at meetings and wield more respect.  Or, perhaps you wish you had the courage to take more risks and feel for some reason that you hold yourself back.

I can help.

My wish for you is that you LOVE your career and are awesome at what you do.

My even bigger wish is that women across the world begin to fill positions of power, enough positions to reach the tipping point so that life at work is different, better, more humane.  My hope is that such a shift would change the world.  

I’ve been where you are.  I’ve had career frustrations.  My career began in a completely male dominated field.  There were literally 66 male new hires and me.  Later in my career,  with 3 boys to raise (still surrounded by men!), I was continually reevaluating my options. I agonized over how I was going to use my talents, earn a living and still maintain my sanity! 

But, back to you…

If you are ready to love your work and be even more awesome at what you do, then it’s time for you to STOP:

  • Going it ALONE – assuming successful women don’t need help and that you are weak if you get support
  • Settling for CRUMBS – being unclear as to what you want and also not courageous enough to ask for it
  • Minimizing your VALUE – underestimating or not truly knowing what you know and the talents you have
  • Playing it SAFE – staying fat and ‘happy’ in your comfort zone instead of realizing that fear makes life fun & exciting
  • Talking SMALL – using specifically female communication styles that could be weakening your impact

To be happy and successful, we want to be working at the top of our game.  We spend way too much time at work – we must love what we do.

It’s NOT an option.

If your career is important to you, then contact me immediately to set up a free, collaborative interview.  You will get to know me and I will get to know you in a 1/2 hour meeting over the phone.

Coach Joanne
ICF Certified Professional Coach, Certified Career Coach, MBA